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Industries We Deal With

Srimatrix Inc. business analysts work as a liaison among business users in order to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. Our business analysts understand that it is crucial in identifying the business needs of customers and other stakeholders in order to determine appropriate solutions to their business problems and opportunities in the context of our clients’ requirements and recommend solutions that enable the enterprise to achieve its targets/goals.

The Srimatrix Inc. healthcare practice delivers the ultimate IT experience. Whether that means providing IT technical staffing and solutions. We offer healthcare organizations a variety of solutions including:

  • HIPAA Compliance.
  • Multi specialty medical group's managed care information system implementation.
  • EDI
  • Claims processing.
  • Plan administration .
  • Member/Benefit management .
  • Provider/Contract
  • Providers/Pharmacy Solutions .

Srimatrix Inc. works with Pharmaceutical clients to develop the applications for improving regulatory compliance including NCPDP standards, reducing time to market and increasing team collaboration and efficiency. Srimatrix Inc. analyzes and understands the challenges of the Pharmaceutical industry and works to design innovative technology solutions to address these needs.

Srimatrix Inc. works with Pharmaceutical clients to address their needs for submission management, data integration, statistical analysis, and reporting. Srimatrix Inc. understands the complex budgeting and forecasting processes used by the finance and other important departments of Pharmaceutical industry and provides the solutions to bring efficiency and structure to these tasks.

The current financial crisis is well known to all of us. Srimatrix Inc. practice works with leading financial institutions to help them improve their competitive advantage in these challenging times. With close collaboration with clients we find the solution at minimal cost and creative way.

Srimatrix Inc.'s consultants are well expert in credit risk management and other financial tools which help client to get their job done at given timeline and budget.

An outstanding IT strategy can be a competitive advantage, but only if it’s combined with outstanding execution.

Our Application Solutions teams are personally dedicated to your success. We simplify the complexity of implementing and integrating a new IT solution into your enterprise, while reducing risk, improving efficiency and making the most of your information technology assets.

Security is our number one priority. Our datacenters are kept in a highly secure area under the multiple levels of supervision. Our security team is working hard to implement highly secure infrastructure, spam filtering, antivirus software. The management team do regular audit and coordination with security team to make sure information are safe. We also conduct the regular testing and safety measurement to prevent from the possible system threats.

Our data centers are equipped with latest technologies. The data center facilities are secured by well trained armed guards, back-up power supplies, fire control systems. Our file transfer process between multiple entities are highly secured by strong passwords and reliable network systems. The users have specific permissions to access data or as per their requirements. We are using a tool to track all the activities including users activities. This mechanism also being used for audit purpose. We meets or exceeds all HIPAA and other certification requirements.

Srimatrix Inc. works with many clients from Airline Industries to analyzes and understands the challenges of the Airline industry and works to design innovative technology solutions to address their needs.